Area plan

Area of buildings: ca. 65.000 sqm
Area of lot: ca. 72.000 sqm

Building 1

Building 2

Building 3

Building 4

Building 5

Building 6

Building 7

Building 8

Building 11

Building 29

Building 30

Building 33

Building 34.1

Building 34.2-5

Building 34.6

Building 34.7

Building 43

Building 44

Building 45

Building 59

Building 60

Building 61

Building 69

Building 70

Building 72

Building 74

Building 75

Building 77

Building 79

Building 83

Building 85

Building 121

Building 122

The Rathenau Halls are a former industrial site characterized by buildings which were erected between 1898 and 1941. There are several different building types on the premises of the former AEG transformer company (TRO) located at Wilhelminenhofstrasse 83-85: single- to multi-aisled production halls and warehouses, multi-storey factories, office buildings and ateliers.

Approximately half of the space available at the property, which encompasses almost 72,000 sqm in total, is already used today. Before the other half of the Rathenau Halls can also be used, the existing buildings need to be restored, i.e. leaky roofs must be fixed, missing heating must be installed, etc. The investment required for this purpose is huge.
In the past, industrial production required huge spaces. Rooms in which you could place buildings with up to four storeys, however, are no longer required. The large spaces shall be divided into small sections and the listed halls shall be restored to enable attractive rents which are in line with the standard.

In total, approximately 200 million euros are required to revitalize the Rathenau Halls. Representatives of the district and the owners are going to conclude an agreement which obliges the owners to restore the listed halls section by section while simultaneously restoring the residential buildings.